DVD: “Welcome Back, Pluto”

Last night I watched “Welcome Back, Pluto”, a DVD about parental alienation from Dr. Richard A. Warshak.  As I’ve mentioned before, PA is a subject I feel quite strongly about, so I was overjoyed to hear this gem existed.  I bought it right away.

Given the issue, I think it might be difficult to get this DVD into the hands of children who need to see it.  The messaging is very direct, which often raises a red flag and proves to be an immediate turnoff (for the child as well as the favored parent).  Another hurdle is the presentation itself, which is applicable to a broad age range.  Young children might find some parts too boring/mature while teenagers may feel the content is too juvenile.  (Not that I’m qualified to know exactly what peoples’ reactions would be… this is just gut-based conjecture)

But enough objectivity, let me tell you what I loved about this piece:

  • Again, I am so happy this exists, yay!!
  • The majority of the content is directed toward alienated children.
  • It’s quite comprehensive and examines the situation from many perspectives (targeted parent, favored parent and child).
  • The presentation is simple and straightforward
  • The content is easy to understand
  • Tips are offered for parents and children.
  • The “chapters” are short, which allows for quick viewing and discussion over multiple days if necessary.

I imagine this DVD will be a helpful tool for therapists and a meaningful conversation piece for parents and children.  I’m hoping this breakthrough work is just the beginning.  I’d love to see more child-focused media to raise awareness of this important issue.

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments about our new DVD on parental alienation. Initially I shared your concern about how children would respond. I am happy to say that parents are reporting very positive reactions from their kids. I posted some of these at: http://www.warshak.com/alienation/pluto/viewers-say.html. Also, we now include a complimentary Users Guide with the DVD, which has instructions about how best to introduce Welcome Back, Pluto to resistant children.

  2. Hi … I have a three-part series on PAS starting shortly and will link back to this review …Looking for other good resources too. It’s not a subject I know much about.

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  6. I just received my copy of Welcome Back, Pluto DVD. I’m hoping this will help my kids. PA is sinister!! It’s extremely painful for me and I think my case is mild. I still have regular access to my kids; but they seem to be pulling away from me. I can’t imagine what it must be like for parents who don’t see their kids for years.

    • Parental Alienation is a terrible thing- so hard for parents as well as children. Good luck to you and your family.

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