1. Look, I know you’re making a point about divorce, but it’s wrapped up in a point about humor. The thing is… *most* jokes aren’t funny if you take the premise seriously.

    The following joke was voted “funniest joke ever” on an internet survey:

    A hunter calls 911 emergency services. “My friend was just killed by a bear. I don’t know what to do! Help!”

    The 911 operator responds, “Please calm down sir. The first thing we need to do is make sure your friend is actually dead.”

    “Hold on!” The dispatcher hears footsteps, followed by the cocking of a shotgun, and then a loud BANG!

    “Okay,” said the man, “Now, what?”

    It’s funny because it could never happen (or, at least, it *should* never happen). Much like the grandma speaking so glibly to her granddaughter. Sadly, as we both realize, what *should* never happen and what actually happens don’t always seem to line up quite right….

  2. Ah see, I read that one as being a bit of gallows humour. I can imagine me (or my family members) making dodgy jokes about ‘when you’re dead’, as a really sick sense of humour.

    We may be weird though!

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