Country Music- Women Leaving

It’s true that I left the small town lifestyle after I got divorced. But… like David Allen Coe said, “my long hair just can’t cover up my red neck.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a blog post from someone and was immediately reminded of a country song… So, I’m just gonna a get a few of them out of my head right here.  I’ve linked them to videos on YouTube, if you’re interested…

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  1. “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her” by Mary Chapin Carpenter
    “The Last Word” by Mary Chapin Carpenter
    “The Things You Left Undone” by Matraca Berg
    “Red Light” by David Nail
    “Snapshot” by Sylvia
    “Love Goes Without Saying” by Suzy Bogguss

  2. Ha… yeah.. well.. the, “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” coulda be my theme song… the chorus of it anyway. I was never a country music fan until after I had my 2nd child. I use to say I liked Rock mostly, but liked a little of everything – EXCEPT for Country. About 8 years ago, I could no longer say that… because there is some country music I like also. Sometimes, the simplicity of it annoys me.. can be repetitive or ridiculous even (like, how much can you sing about fried chicken? seriously?). But, often, the simplicity of it is what hits home the most, because life, relationships, and human nature/emotions DO seem to share common themes that repeat themselves throughout history. Of course, most genres of music will touch these same themes.. not just country… country seems to put it the simplest of forms, though. No beating around the bush. Just plain and simple. You don’t know me. Period.

    • You’re right- the themes are touched on across the music spectrum. I think it’s the repetition and the easier-to-understand lyrics that cause the country songs to come to mind when I’m contemplating some aspect of life.

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